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By virtue of the surfaces competed on and the skin colour of the majority of its participants, the Winter Olympics are the whitest sporting event in the world. But despite the lack of intercontinental participation and the fact that most competitors are rich kids from northern hemisphere snow towns, I actually quite like some of the events.

In the past i have marvelled at lunatic skiers like Hermann ‘the herminatorMaier hurtling themselves down a hill at super sonic speeds. I loved Alberto ‘la bombaTomba who made such awesome statements as 'I really lack the words to compliment myself today' while wiggling his humble bum to slalom gold. And i remember Katarina Witt's domination in winning the 1988 figure skating gold medal among the television commentators superlatives and my fathers amorous sighs.

Sadly those days have past. The great characters seem to have moved on. Now all I have left to cheer is a dot com millionaire from Vancouver competing for a country whose populations only real interest in snow sports comes as an excuse to participate in ‘apres’ activities (i.e. get drunk and screw). Surely there are more things to look forward to at this years gelid games? So due to my obvious lack of winter sports knowledge i recruited one of the most respected (and irreverent) winter games correspondents in the inner west of Sydney, Australia.

Waz, its all yours.

Kurtis J Ousley

STOP KEYBOARD: dot com Canadian wins Silver medal for Australia. Congrats Begg-Smithy. Played Hard, Done Good!

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