My name is Wazza...

I have been a snow sports enthusiast since the 1995 Cronulla - Caringbah under 15's rugby league team decided to look for another winter sport they could try. Finishing last in the comp was wearing thin after 3 seasons so we decided to move onto more frozen pursuits figuring we'd be better if the opposition didn't move. With my Milo diploma in wedge turns achieved through the world renowned Smiggins Holes Teen Club, I was well on my way to climbing the dizzying heights of Australian skiing. That being 200m up the hill at the top of Harry's and Herman's ski carpet.

The flats of Smiggins Holes and Thredbo's Friday Flat are a hotbed for unskilled university labour polishing up drinking skills before their unique self discovery trip to the host mountain of the 2010 Olympics: Whistler, Blackcomb. Whistler is the third most populated Australian city in the world and as a result is where i chose to hone my snow skills and gained my professional qualifications (2 seasons in Banff as a Level 2 ski Instructor with majors in womanising, high alcohol drinks mismanagement and spa/sauna operation). These achievements make me an obvious and proud choice as Played Hard, Done Good! correspondent for the Winter Olympic Games of 2010.

Wazza from Petersham

2010 Winter Games Correspondent

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