...to a blog that promises so much sport and should deliver just enough. A blog that will take it one post at a time, will be stoked when read and hopefully sneak into the finals of your favourites list and make a late tilt at the flag that is your
Jack Gibson (right) the greatest Rugby League
coach of them all and the man who coined the
phrase 'played hard, done good!'.

Played Hard, Done Good! will seek to read
between the lines of all things sporting in a valiant and probably naive attempt to find the goodness in sporting achievements while hopefully exposing the ridiculous, tawdry and down right silly side of athletic pursuits.

So who am i and under what authority am i able to confidently write such a blog?

My name is Kurtis J
Ousley from Sydney, Australia. I am a former under age baller of many forms (basket, foot and occasionally net) as well as long time early morning tennis enthusiast. My only other defence in having the audacity to write such a regular spot is owning a copy of the 1992 book of Olympic records given to me by my grand parents at christmas of that year. It was forwarded by the great Bruce McAvaney and was the start of my analytical and statsitical journey. I read the damn thing from cover to cover, marvelling at every remarkable record from Australia's miracle milest Herb Elliott through to Johan 'the boss' Koss, Norway's speed skating equivalent to Usian Bolt.

Oh and i love watching and reading about sport. Especially the absurd bits.

Over the coming finite amount of time i, along with the drafted help of various special guests, hope to enlighten any one who stops by with a fresh, impartial, fun and enthusiastic take on any sporting pursuit that tickles my fast twitch muscle fibres and makes me want to take that 3 pointer in traffic and from way down town. Everything from the NBA, NFL,
WNBA, AFL, NRL, A & W League, IPL, EPL, IAAF, all of the Olympics, cricket and much more is promised to be included. Every week i hope to step up, bring my 'a' game and comment to the best of my ability.

I hope you enjoy Played Hard, Done Good!

Kurtis J Ousley

'ere goes nothin'...

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