Cycling: Evans takes one back from Spaniards to conquer the famous Muur de Huy!!

What a way to come out of training and show your form!
In the first dual of the titans in 2010 before this years grand tours, Evans broke the world champions curse (The rainbow jersey is said to be cursed because all the other riders mark you for the year you wear it, and therefore you don't win a race) to take his first hilly classic, the Belgian Ardennes race "La Fleche-Wallonne"

500m to go. Contador second, Evans third. A Basque rider in orange on the front, curiously looking like an extra hand for fellow spaniard Contador against Evans. It looked like the status quo of the last few years. Much like last year when Spaniard Alejandro Valverde beat Evans in the national tour of Spain, the Vuelta Espana. With similar dubious tactics, or more bluntly, help, from the same orange basque team (in cycling it is illegal for teams to collude and gang up on others, but try proving it). Evans wasn't in the rainbow jersey of World Champion then, but he is now, and set about stopping the spanish armada. And so began the inquisition.

I'll let the spanish commentators in the video below take it from here. It may be in spanish but you only need listen to the excitable tones as the spaniards look for all money to have a winner in Contador. As the riders near the finish the commentator is audibly rejoicing. Then.....from behind......a dash of Aussie class times his attack to perfection, much to the commentators obvious disappointment.

It's priceless.

For the uninitiated, Alberto Contador is at the front of the Peloton (group) in sky blue and yellow. Right on his backside most of the time in the white jersey with rainbow stripes of world champ around his torso is Evans. Contador's dubious partner in crime from another team can't be missed pacing Contador up to the finish in orange.

Played Hard, Done Good congratulates Cadel for a fine victory.
Bring forth the Giro.

Wazza Frompetersham.

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